Keep California Livable

We must keep California liveable. SB902 is an abomination, As I have publicly stated before at candidate forums and am quoted in newspapers. If high-density housing was the answer to affordable housing, then Manhattan would have the least expensive real estate in the USA. High-density housing just breaks the system. As COVID 19 has taught us, high density also spreads disease. I oppose the following bills, including those that have already died in committee but are destined come back to life and haunt us again: SB 902 SB 902 (Wiener), SB 50 But Much, Much Worse AB 3173 AB 3173 [...]

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In the press: SF Gate

Glew, Becker Heading To November Runoff For State Senate Seat "Menlo Park entrepreneur Josh Becker and Los Altos engineer Alex Glew will compete in a November runoff election to determine state Sen. Jerry Hill's successor representing the Senate's 13th District. Glew, the race's lone Republican, pulled in 21 percent of the primary's vote, enough to lead a crowded field of mostly Democrats in the jungle primary. Becker, a Democrat, sat just 226 votes and one-tenth of a percentage point behind Glew as of Thursday, according to the California Secretary of State's office. A handful of other Democrats -- including Redwood [...]

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Glew Takes Lead in SD 13

We have taken the early lead in SD 13 primary. Glew, Becker lead in early results for contested state Senate race "As of the most recent results available at 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 5, Alex Glew and Josh Becker each have 20.9% of the votes counted, or about 154,000, according to election results reported by the secretary of state. Democratic candidates Sally Lieber and Shelly Masur currently have 16.2% and 15.2%, while Annie Oliva and Mike Brownrigg are at 12.7% and 11.8% respectively. John Webster, the sole Libertarian candidate, has about 2.3% of the vote. In California, the top [...]

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In the News Post Primary: The Daily Journal

"Leader Glew pulled down 23.4% of the vote, according to results posted Tuesday, March 3, by the California secretary of state, followed by Becker, who gathered 19.8% of voter support. In third was Redwood City Vice Mayor Shelly Masur, with 15.2% of the vote, followed closely by former assemblywoman Sally Lieber with about 14.8%, then Millbrae Councilwoman Annie Oliva and Burlingame Councilman Michael Brownrigg who both gathered about 12% of the vote and Libertarian John Webster at around 2%. Meanwhile, Glew, from Los Altos, said he felt rewarded that voters apparently saw past the bevy of heavyweight supporters and potent [...]

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Concrete and CO2

What will we do about concrete? The production of it produces nearly as much global CO2 (10%) as residential heating and electricity usage (11.3%).[1] As a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, I understand that this may be one of the more difficult problems to solve in the climate area. Unlike energy production, which simply requires scaling up known solutions to clean energy, there is no known solution to the dilemma caused by the flexible and ubiquitous building material. Both the byproduct of its production and the massive energy production requirements are large causes. Further, it produces a [...]

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Prop. 13 and ballot measure clarification

Ballot Measure Education and Clarification There is a qualified ballot measure titled: Authorizes Bonds for Facility Repair, Construction, and Modernization at Public Preschools, K-12 Schools, 13 Community Colleges, and Universities. Its proposition number is Prop 13. Voting YES Authorizes $15 billion in state general obligation bonds for public education facilities. It will appear on the March 3 ballot. There's also a qualified ballot measure titled: Requires Certain Commercial And Industrial Real Property To Be Taxed Based On Fair-Market Value. Dedicates Portion Of Any Increased Revenue to Education And Local Services. This is the "split-roll" ballot measure that undermines the Prop [...]

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San Mateo County GOP endorses Alexander Glew Ph.D. for Senate District 13!

San Mateo County GOP endorses Alexander Glew Ph.D. for Senate District 13! In an exciting new development, the San Mateo Country Republican Central Committee gave their unqualified endorsement of Dr. Alexander Glew for California Senate District 13.  

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