Group Photo of SD13 Candidate Glew
Group Photo of SD13 Candidate Dr. Alexander Glew

Time to Re-Engineer CA!

The hat reads Stop Prop 16!


Glew on STN Honduran TV

Jose Tercero Midencesent45 minutes ago Dr. Glew discusses immigration and CA politics on STN TV in Honduras. The segment starts at 31 minutes into the…
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Stop Proposition 16

In 1964 the 88th Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, eliminating discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin (RCRSN). In 1996 CA…
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Back to work

It is time to reopen CA. If the Speaker of the House of Congress, our Governor’s aunt, can get her hair appointment inside in SF,…
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Concrete Downtown San Francisco

Concrete and CO2

What will we do about concrete? The production of it produces nearly as much global CO2 (10%) as residential heating and electricity usage (11.3%).[1] As…
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